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Happy 2018!!!  I hope you are having a wonderful 2018 so far. 

I’m writing to let you know that I have opened my calendar for booking 2018.  I’m extremely excited for the new year!!! 

I’ve refined the way I do my portrait sessions to help ensure that you get exactly what you are looking for from the session.  Instead of doing an online gallery with downloadable files I will now be doing all in-person ordering sessions for prints, offering print credit in many of my session packages and giving YOU the option to choose the social media downloads* you receive.  All these opportunities have been added to help you select the best images from your session and give you more control over what you get out of your session.  Also, by offering to print from my professional print lab I can guarantee that your images will look just as good in print as they do on your technology device.  My print lab will be sure the color and the quality of your images are at its best.  By offering print products before digital downloads you can be sure you will have a tangible item to be passed down from generations to generations.  No more lost data!!! 

Please note that my prices & package options have been revised.  All the revisions have been made in the best interests of my clients.  The prices have not increased although how the product is delivered has changed.  With the increase of technology, image files are becoming too large to download on phones & tablets.  I have made an interesting observation this past year that many clients no longer have laptops or computers. More individuals are using solely their phones or tablets.  So, in order to keep up with the advancement in technology my package options have changed.  You will take notice that packages will now come with social media downloads.  These downloads are smaller downloads that can be shared on social media and be easily viewed on your smartphone or tablet with no error messages.  With this change comes so many added benefits.  The ability to share your images easier on your social media platform and to download your images to your technology device.  With many packages, I have included print credit.  With this print credit, you can now purchase prints or high-resolution downloads of your choice. 

With session packages starting at $129, print package options and the ability to choose your own downloads.  I know this year will be nothing but amazing for you.  You can see all the details in my package brochure VIEW BROCHURE

My main goal is to provide you with the best experience I can. When you are ready to book your 2018 appointment, please follow this link.

Looking forward to working with you again!
Kelly Long

ATTN VIP clients: Due to portrait session changes please be aware that there will be certain stylized Minis that will no longer be eligible for VIP pricing.  Keep an eye out for the advertisement that is noted as such.  You are welcome & encouraged to book at the advertised rate.  Also, please be aware that VIP pricing will be limited to 2 uses per year after the 2 uses you are welcome to book at the Standard Package prices.  VIP packaging will remain the same for the number of images received for your session.  Although, to follow suit with the package changing VIP clients will receive social media files.  You are welcome to purchase high resolution and prints at an additional cost.    VIP pricing will be expiring January 2019.