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 I know exactly what you're thinking: "Kelly, there are hundreds of photographers in this area alone! What sets you apart from all the rest?" 
That is an excellent question, and it's one you should ask yourself before any significant investment. I will tell you that we'd have an absolute blast together at our session. 

I am a photographer because it's my number one passion in life. I also believe that having your photographs taken doesn't just begin with the click of a shutter button and end with prints. The overall experience is just as valuable. If you're having fun, I'm having fun. And everyone who sees those pictures? It'll be super obvious we had an incredible time together. Those are the kinds of images you want to hang on the wall. And those are the kinds of experiences that have earned
You see, choosing the right photographer is not only about having an incredible product at the end of the day (in this case, photographs), it's about having a positive overall experience.long time, loyal customers. 
So whaddayasay? Let's have fun!me

Here are a few reviews

Megan said... We love Kelly!!! She is always so patient with our son during sessions, has the most creative ideas, and the pictures always look fantastic!!

Sarah said... Vivie said she really had fun and likes you because you are funny and made her laugh!! Thank you so much for being patient with the girls

Nikki said... I want to Thank you so much for shooting pics today for Tom and I's 10th Anniversary, you were a blast to work with, we had so much Fun!!

Jenna said... I just want to thank you again for being such a fantastic photographer for our wedding!. You and Toni were so much fun, we put you on quite a ride and you guys were great sports! thank you again.

Kristy said.... Such a wonderful session with Kelly today! She just goes with the flow and just keeps taking pictures!! 

Mary Alice said... Thank you Kelly! You are wonderful at what you do. Logan is a very tough one when it comes to pictures. They all are awesome.